MultiMedia Production

Video and Audio Products

InfoUse has a long-standing and award-winning capability to produce video and audio productions. We have also made video and multimedia products that have been designed for the needs of people with disabilities.

All videos have been created as open-captioned products, and all software includes accessible keystrokes and captioned videos, thereby increasing accessibility.

Web Development

InfoUse leverages over a decade of experience developing websites for the creation of online survey instruments, and for general communications and dissemination of information. InfoUse is fluent with the technologies to build large, secure, database driven websites, and is intimately familiar with developing websites which are accessible to people with disabilities and comply with federal requirements for accessibility.

Some examples of InfoUse projects which have involved a significant level of web development include:

Software Development

InfoUse developed two software packages, MathPad and MathPad plus in response to a demonstrated need for students with physical disabilities to be able to work through the procedures for paper and pencil based computations