MathPad™ Plus: Fractions and Decimals

Special Tools for higher level computation

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Skill Level: Grades 3-5

Developed by InfoUse

MathPad Plus splash screenProduct Information

MathPad Plus offers more power and options as students do higher level computation. It offers the same functionality as MathPad, and then adds an exciting array of new features.

True flexibility for students

Students can do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using fractions and decimals. They can view problems as pie charts, fraction bars, or decimal grids which can be manipulated on the screen.

Students can use the screen as a worksheet. They can enter numeric or word problems, and can check calculations anywhere on their worksheets. 

MathPad Plus screen shotCustomization and Accessibility for teachers

Teachers can set up student portfolios and customize assignments. They can  enter problems from worksheets or textbooks so that students with disabilities can work on the same material as their classmates. 

Available for both the PC and Mac!

MathPad Plus was developed by InfoUse under grant #2R44HD33310 from the National Institute on Child Health and Human Development at the National Institutes of Health.

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