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The easy-to-use tool that lets students do basic math directly on the computer...

Now Available for both the PC and Mac!

Now students can do basic arithmetic problems: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division-directly on the computer. Choose from 300 sample problems or type in your own. MathPad displays each problem in the correct vertical format.

With MathPad, students solve problems just as they would using pencil and paper. They decide when to regroup or show a remainder. You'll be able to review their work as well as their answers.

Promotes inclusion

MathPad is a great tool for inclusion settings because it enables students with disabilities to do the same math problems as their classmates.

Enter your own problems

Enter problems directly onto the MathPad Problem List or load problem lists created with a word processor. MathPad sets up problems using the correct vertical format.

Check problems

MathPad places a check (correct) or a dash (incorrect) on the Problem List after the student completes a problem. Teachers or student can easily go to the Problem List to check answer. The program also puts a check or an "X" next to each complete problem when it's printed out.

Who should use MathPad

MathPad is the ideal solution for students who:

MathPad was developed by InfoUse under grant #1R43HD33310 from the National Institute on Child Health and Human Development at the National Institutes of Health.

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