InfoUse is known for its leadership in disability policy research and evaluation.

We are unique among small businesses committed to disability and health issues. Our expertise in the areas of disability statistics, independent living, vocational rehabilitation, employment of people with disabilities, and access to education is focused. And our experience in multimedia and creative ways to disseminate our findings is broad. We specialize in information and studies of disability programs, and have a staff with extensive experience in evaluation, independent living, disability programs, and rehabilitation.

We pursue innovative approaches providing real-world interventions. We have a commitment to employing and advancing people with disabilities in our projects and have the capacity to provide policy assessments, evaluation design studies, and technical assistance services.

Selected current disability projects include:

Selected historical evaluation projects include:

  • Program Review (NIDRR)
  • Evaluation of Choice Demonstration Projects (NIDRR)
  • Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Vocational Rehabilitation (subcontract to Research Triangle Institute)
  • Assessment of Client Information Systems of Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA, U.S. Department of Education)
  • Evaluation of the Research and Training Center Program of the National Institute of Handicapped Research (now NIDRR) (subcontractor to Policy Studies Associates)
  • Improving Service Systems for People with Disabilities (subcontract to University of California, San Francisco for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
  • Evaluation of Quality Assurance Systems in Vocational Rehabilitation (RSA)

Selected historical disability data projects include:

  • Access to Disability Data (NIDRR)
  • Disability Statistics Program (subcontract to University of California, San Francisco)
  • Non-Technical Statistical Publication on the Disabled (NIDRR)
  • Chartbook on Work Disability (NIDRR)
  • State Estimates of Disability (subcontract to Comsis for NIDRR)

Selected historical independent living projects include:

  • Client-Directed Personal Assistance Services (subcontract to UCLA, for ASPE, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)
  • Research and Training Center on Independent Living and Disability Policy (subcontract to World Institute on Disability for NIDRR)
  • Research and Training Center on Public Policy and Independent Living (subcontract to World Institute on Disability for NIDRR)